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college office

Reference materials, college catalogs, financial aid forms, and selected college applications are available in the College Office.  In addition, students can sign up for college campus visits through the College Office.  The staff is available to help students through the college admissions process as well as send out academic information and transcripts for summer programs and scholarships.

How to Apply to A College
1. Get an application
Applications are available from colleges and universities.  Most local applications are available in the College Office.  It is the student’s responsibility to write or call other universities to obtain an application.  Addresses are available in the College Office.  See a member of the staff if you are having a problem obtaining an application.

2. Fill out the application
It is the student’s responsibility to completely fill out the application for college.  The College Office is available to assist students and answer any questions but they can not complete applications for students.

3. Bring the completed application to the College Office with a stamped envelope
When you have completely filled out the application, return it to the College Office in an envelope addressed to the college.

All applications for colleges and/or scholarships should be turned in to the College Office no later than 7 days before the deadline.  Applications must be complete and include a stamped envelope.  At no time can a student have an Official Transcript.  Due to the volume of applications, applications due January 1, 2009 must be turned into the College Office by December 7, 2008.

>> SUNY Applications:  You can apply to up to six New York State schools on a single application.  You must return the application to the College Office with a stamped envelope addressed to each school you are applying to.  The addresses are in the application guidebook with the application.

4. What if I want to apply online?
Many colleges will now accept applications over the Internet.  Applications filled out in this way are likely to get a quicker response than the traditional paper application because your information goes directly into the college’s system.  You must still provide a stamped, addressed envelope to send a transcript.  Colleges will not process your application until they receive an official transcript from our school.  You must provide the counselor with stamped envelopes to send transcripts even if you do all your applications over the computer.

5. Application Deadlines
It is the student’s responsibility to know the specific deadlines for each college he or she applies to.  Early Admissions deadlines can be as early as October.  Make sure to turn in your completed application at least 7 days prior to the deadline.  As a rule of thumb, REGULAR ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY DECEMBER 7th OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR.

Financial Aid Forms
The FAFSA is used to apply for all of the various types of financial aid and is is the main form that every student should complete.  Students can apply in two ways: online at or by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) to obtain a paper FAFSA.

>>  The FAFSA website uses a different format than the paper form. Make sure to use the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet for your calculations when applying online.

TAP is aid granted by New York State.  To be eligible you must attend a college in New York State.  When you fill out the FAFSA form a pre-printed TAP form will automatically be sent to you.  If you apply for FAFSA online be sure to click on the link to NYS TAP on the last page.

Scholarships are monies awarded by private foundations or schools.  They are competitive and usually require an essay and letters of recommendation in addition to the application form.  There are literally millions of scholarships available.  Students should research and apply to as many as possible.  Some students win scholarship money simply because they are the only person to apply.

Can I reuse a scholarship essay?
Yes, absolutely!  While it would be unethical to submit the same paper to two different classes, there is no rule against submitting the same essay to several scholarships.  If the scholarship has a specific essay topic you must submit that topic.

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